Carmen Silvia Buteler, visual artist who was born in Córdoba/Argentina.
She studied and graduated at “Lino Eneas Spilimbergo” School of Fine Arts in Córdoba city.
The Artwork of Carmen S. Buteler has its source in the vanguardist current of early 20th Century, which raised the issue of transforming the mimetic representation or nature imitation, remarking the value of visual elements
such as color and shape. Her wide production expresses a poetic view of nature based on the mixed use of traditional techniques with new resources. Her purpose is to get a new look, which is focused on the changing surrounding of the world. In summary, each of Carmen’s creation is in itself a unique work and a part of a whole at the same time, where participation is made possible through what is shown.
Due to her participation in drawing, painting, engraving and photography competitions, she obtained countless awards and honorable mentions in National and International exhibitions.
The most highlighted are:

2019 - Selection and Prizes X annual Engraving Bicentenary National Salon Concordia. Entre Ríos.
2017-VII National Engraving Salon of La Pampa. 2010 – 2º Prize Painting exhibition Fernando Bonfi¬glioli Museum, Villa María.
2008 - Painting Prize of the Cordoba Bank
2008 - Cara a Museum. 2005 -“Argentine Prize on Visual Art”.
2005 - “Foundation OSDE”. 2003 -IX Edizione Concorso Libri Mai Mai Visti. Object Books Exhibition-Italy.
1997 -1st Mention, 3rd Experimental Engraving Gathering. Juan Canavesi Art Gallery. Cordoba city.
1995 - Selec. Exhibition, Area N. B. Del Plata Wholesale and National Fine Art Museum. Historic Town Hall of Cordoba.
1994 - XVIII Exhibition and Prize Córdoba city.
1994 - Mention “Avon con la Mujer en el Arte”. Medal and Diploma.
1994, the 1st Acquisition Prize was awarded at Painting Gallery of Duplicar
Her Works of Art were part of Collective or Individual Exhibitions in Argentine cities as: Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Paraná, General Roca, Bariloche, Ushuaia, and abroad as : Punta del Este, Barcelona, New York, Italy, Costa Rica, Miami, Paris, London. 


Carmen Buteler has succeeded in crafting her artwork to represent the different moments of her life.
Each series with their particular codes, reflects what has experienced and has resolved in these life stages.
Buteler was deeply influenced by the work of Pablo Picasso, mainly in his lack of prejudice and his freedom in creating.
From Cezanne she emulated his capacity to contemplate nature and to create his own image with impeccable light.
Buteler’s life and artwork is a continuous movement. The experience of having lived in different geographies is reflected in the neutrality across different series. This variety is fundamentally supported by diversity in different artistic techniques. Oil paintings allows her to work with veils, and gives rise to the special light noticed on her art work.
Buteler doesn’t rest. She combines an introspective and reflective view together while using a range of techniques: drawing, etching, painting, object book, photography and textile. Thus, she enjoys the encounter of every new experience. Buteler’s art work begins with the “1 Series: Bird flight”. They manifest her feelings and desires. The birds will be represented throughout all her creations in this series as a symbol of freedom.
From the Series 2 to 18. Buteler paints the new and the old world.
There, buildings, windows and structures are represented by her paintings in search for their secrets.
From the 19 to 29 Series, slowly her painting interiorize.
Mother nature and her characters interweave beginning in the Series: “Game, reality and life” (Series 30 to 37) this meeting with subjectivity goes deeper.
Her presence is overwhelming in “VIVENCIAS” (Series 38). Buteler’s playing with an unfolding back and forward of the background; visible and invisible. 

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