Visual Artist

Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1952
Since her childhood she was passionate about drawing, engraving, modeling and embroidering. But it wasn’t until adulthood that she was able to dedicate herself full time to the creative work with an incredible enthusiasm that she still preserves.
In 1984 she start her art career which has been continuous since. At first she was weaving clothes, followed shortly after by work in tapestries. These were made with natural fibers selected, prepared and dyed personally by Buteler. In these tapestries, she reflected her life experiences, originated from her contact with the immensity of nature experiences during the time that she lived in the South of Argentina.
Buteler graduated in Interior Designing at the “Escuela de Artes Aplicadas: Lino Eneas Spilimbergo” currently the Córdoba Provintial University. She also studied Architecture at the Córdoba Provintial University, where she developed an understanding of colors and composition.
Then she begun with paintings, influenced by Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne.
In 1993 she received her first Award at the “ Salón Duplicar en el Arte “. This one was followed by many others (close to 35), but we’ll mentioned some of the most relevant:

1997 : Salón Experimental de Grabado, Córdoba, Argentina.
1998 : Salón Biblioteca Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006 : XI Edizione Concorso Libri Mai Mai Visti ( Salón de Libros Objeto ), Russi, Italia
2010: Salón Museo Fernando Bonfiglioli, Va. María, Prov. De Córdoba;, Argentina
2017 : Salón de Artes Visuales de la Provincia de La Pampa, Sección Grabado, Argentina.

Her searching spirit guides her in a quest to discover and incorporate different techniques that help her to enrich her repertoire to express herself. Thus she actively participate in private workshops investigating on her own engraving techniques, object books, sculptures and photography.
These techniques allows her to reflect on diverse moments of her life that she expressed in her different painting Series.
In this fashion, Buteler create her art work day after day. Her life and her work are walking together.
She manages to achieve a special light in her colors, thanks to the oil painting that allow her to work with transparencies.
Buteler´s art works is full of life, where expression interchanges with experience. Transmitting us the importance to be permanently moving with paradigm changes incorporating new learnings.

Artist Presentation

Carmen Buteler has succeeded in crafting her artwork to represent the different moments of her life.
Each series with their particular codes, reflects what has experienced and has resolved in these life stages.
Buteler was deeply influenced by the work of Pablo Picasso, mainly in his lack of prejudice and his freedom in creating.
From Cezanne she emulated his capacity to contemplate nature and to create his own image with impeccable light.
Buteler’s life and artwork is a continuous movement. The experience of having lived in different geographies is reflected in the neutrality across different series. This variety is fundamentally supported by diversity in different artistic techniques. Oil paintings allows her to work with veils, and gives rise to the special light noticed on her art work.
Buteler doesn’t rest. She combines an introspective and reflective view together while using a range of techniques: drawing, etching, painting, object book, photography and textile. Thus, she enjoys the encounter of every new experience. Buteler’s art work begins with the “1 Series: Bird flight”. They manifest her feelings and desires. The birds will be represented throughout all her creations in this series as a symbol of freedom.
From the Series 2 to 18. Buteler paints the new and the old world.
There, buildings, windows and structures are represented by her paintings in search for their secrets.
From the 19 to 29 Series, slowly her painting interiorize.
Mother nature and her characters interweave beginning in the Series: “Game, reality and life” (Series 30 to 37) this meeting with subjectivity goes deeper.
Her presence is overwhelming in “VIVENCIAS” (Series 38). Buteler’s playing with an unfolding back and forward of the background; visible and invisible.

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